Rappahannock Orthodonist 

Location: Fredericksburg, VA

Size: 3,600 sq. ft.

Year: 2018

Rappahannock Orthodontics is an established orthodontic provider for both children and adults in the Fredericksburg area. Total renovation to the interior of the practice included specification of technical lighting tailored to the space's use, considerations of chemical resilience and durability, as well as sustainability in material finishes and optimizing the layout and function of the space to provide an incredibly efficient flow for both patients and staff. After these considerations, materials and furnishings within the space were selected to create a modern, serene environment with playful injections of color and engaging textures, stimulating for both teens and adults. The original chairs were refinished in modern, monochromatic high performance upholstery, giving subtle nod the building's original mid-century use and construction.